NISSIN manufactures dies and pressed parts. NISSIN's dies are highly regarded by customers because of the ritch experience of our Press Stamping Division, which is reflected in the quality of the dies we design. Many of our customers use our dies in their overseas plants because of ease of maintenance. Nissin is particulary good at manufacturing deep-drawing dies. The Press Stamping Division can use the Die Manufacturing Division as its own maintenance factory. So, NISSIN does not trouble customers about delivery and qualty.

We also have been realizing to cut down on the cost of our customers' products dramatically by changing manufacturing method to oress stamping from machining or forging. We succeeded in press stamping of a part which has a pin mounted on its surface (See following picture).

Sample of stamped parts (Pin) Sample of layout of deep-drawing progressive dies
NISSIN has press stamping factories in Thailand, the Philippines and China. So, we can meet the request of customers who want pressed parts supplied in or from South-east Asia or China.
Philippine Factory
Chinese Factory (Wuxi)
Chinese Factory (Shenzhen)

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