NISSIN exhibits CNC Tube Benders

in MF-Tokyo 2017


 NISSIN exhibited CNC Tube Benders in “MF-Tokyo 2017” held at Tokyo International Exhibition Center (Big Sight) July 12 to 15 in 2017.  More than 30 thousand people visited the exhibition for 4 days.  Many people gathered NISSIN’s booth when demonstration of the machines started.  NISSIN exhibited large 6-axis machine and small 3-axis one.  NISSIN moved up a gear this time.  For example, Mr. H. Ito made a lecture of NISSIN bender at Technical Seminar and we decorated ceiling of our booth with wavy tube monument.

  Full view of NISSIN's booth  
  Large 6-axis machine  
  Small 3-axis machine  
  Designer and NISSIN's members of Sales Dep.  
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