NISSIN participates Environment Picnic along the Tenryu River also this year


 The Environment Picnic along the Tenryu River, which started in 1994 with slogan of “Take back the Tenryu river where you can swim and create recycling society”, turns 25 year old.  The event was held on May 26, 2018 with about 3,000 participants and 77 groups along the Tenryu river from Tatsuno in the upper to Anan and Tenryu in the lower.  Because the event was postponed one time, number of participants declined comparing last year.  From NISSIN, 38 adults gathered together with their 5 children.  They say garbage has been becoming less year by year.  Children were given sweet by Mr. Ito, our president.


Before the time to meet together


Mr. & Mrs. Kawate and their grandson and daughter


Participants from NISSIN

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