NISSIN has Diamond Jubilee at a hotel

in ISAWA hot spring


 It is 60 years since NISSIN started business.  We had Diamond Jubilee at a hotel in ISAWA hot spring in Yamanashi pref. on July 7, 2017.  All employees from head quarter in Tokyo and Iida factory in Nagano pref., and executives from overseas factories in Thailand, Philippines, Wuxi and Shenzhen in China attended the jubilee.  The jubilee started by congratulatory speeches of Mr. ITO, president, Mr. KATO and Mr. TAGI, directors and executives from overseas factories.  It is said that life-span of enterprise is 30 years.  We could continued business for as long as 60 years because we have acted up to the third section of NISSIN’s Basic Idea of Management, “WE ALWAYS CONTINUE TO BREAK THROUGH PRESENT SITUATION AND GROW UP, BEING NOT AFFECTED BY ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE.”

  Message from Mr. Ito, President  
  All employees in Japan and executives from overseas factories gathered  
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