Iida factory sends instructors to “Science handicraft class for children” also this year


 On June 3, 2017, Iida factory sent instructors to “Science handicraft class for children – Make 3 pole motor and drive mini car” held at Iida City Museum also this year.  “Science handicraft class for children” started in 1993 by promotion of Iida City and Ina Techno-valley Regional Center.  It is held 4 times a year and targets for 4 to 6 grade elementary schoolchild in Iida-Shimoina district.  And volunteers from companies serve as instructors.  Mr. M. Katsuya KURONUMA who attended as an instructor for the first time, says “At first, I wondered if children could finish assembling cars in time.  But they could finish in time because instructors were more than children in number.  In this class, not only assembling but also racing cars was had.  I was surprised at heated races ”

  Children assembling a car  
  Mr. Katsuya KURONUMA instructing  
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