Little guests visit our head factory also this year


3 classes at 3rd grade in neighboring Michiduka Primary School visited our head factory December 12, 2017.  Factory tour to NISSIN is annual event in the school.  This was really the seventeenth consecutive visiting.  After Mr. Kato, our Advisor Director explained company profile and business as usual, they saw factory dividing into three groups.  Some children asked such a positive question as “It is made by Tube Bender, isn’t it?”  And some other children asked for brochures of Tube Bender and brought them.  They went back in their joy with a reflector lens given as a souvenir.

At a later date, letters of thanks of the pupil were forwarded to us.  A few letters will be introduced.
(Letter of thanks 1)
To Nissin Precision Machines Co., Ltd.
I visited manufacturing factory for the first time.  I was dismayed to see so many kinds of machines.  I couldn’t adjust to smell in the factory for a while.  Thank you very much that you showed a lot of shops.  And thank you also for reflector lens given as a souvenir.  I felt I would like to work in your factory in future.

 (Letter of thanks 2)
To people in Nissin Precision Machines Co., Ltd.
Thank you for your accepting our factory tour to your factory.  We could learn names of machines and how to be used.  When I get on a train of Yamanote line, I would remember the arm rail of the train is made by machine which NISSIN manufactured.  The most impressive scene was inspecting works.  I saw such a delicate inspection for the first time.  I would like to have factory tour again.

  Mr. Tadao KATO, our Advisor Director explaing Press Stamping  
  Commemorative photo in the meeting room  

Commemorative photo at the company entrance

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