NISSIN exhibits CNC Tube Benders

in MF-Tokyo 2019


NISSIN exhibited CNC Tube Bender in “MF-Tokyo 2019” held at Tokyo International Exhibition Center (Big Sight) July 31 to August 3 in 2019.  This time, NISSIN exhibited in the same premises of Kanematsu KGK Corp.  Using bent tube, NISSIN made display stands, carports and cafe tables which also Kanematsu KGK Corp. and her partner exhibiters used.  So, all premises seemed to be NISSIN’s show space.  NISSIN made “stands for smartphone” and “energy center pushers” with bent tube for souvenir for visitors.  Many visitors brought back them with joy.  This time, freshmen and young seniors arranged the exhibition and attended to visitors.  So, this experience will be favorable to their growth.  According to announcement of the organizer, more than 30 thousand people visited for 4 days.  More than 200 people gathered NISSIN’s booth.


Freshmen & young seniors participating actively


Many visitors gathering at demonstration time


Pressing parts and reflectors exhibited in front


Carport made with bent tube

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