NISSIN exhibits CNC Tube Benders

in MF-Tokyo 2017


 NISSIN exhibited CNC Tube Benders in “MF-Tokyo 2017” held at Tokyo International Exhibition Center (Big Sight) July 12 to 15 in 2017.  More than 30 thousand people visited the exhibition for 4 days.  Many people gathered NISSIN’s booth when demonstration of the machines started.  NISSIN exhibited large 6-axis machine and small 3-axis one.  NISSIN moved up a gear this time.  For example, Mr. H. Ito made a lecture of NISSIN bender at Technical Seminar and we decorated ceiling of our booth with wavy tube monument.

  Full view of NISSIN's booth  
  Large 6-axis machine  
  Small 3-axis machine  
  Designer and NISSIN's members of Sales Dep.  
  NISSIN has Diamond Jubilee at a hotel in ISAWA hot spring  
  IIida factory sends instructors to “Science handicraft class for children” also this year  
  NISSIN participates Environment Picnic along the Tenryu River also this year  
  NISSIN exhibits at INTERMOLD 2017  
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